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Let’s Educate, Connect, and Advocate!

The month of March is special as it is Brain Injury Awareness Month! During Brain Injury Awareness, all those within the brain injury community, whether survivors, caregivers, professional treatment providers, and/or allies, come together to highlight the gains made within the rain injury community as it relates to local and national brain injury services, trauma-informed medical & mental health care, and rehabilitative resources. In addition to gains, this month is about raising awareness on areas for continued growth related to family and community education of brain injury, empowerment of the survivors and caregivers, and advocacy for greater community-based resources. This month, let us work together on being intentional about raising awareness of the successes and challenges of the brain injury community. A few tips for promoting brain injury awareness include: 

  • Learn about common brain injury symptoms. Symptoms and recovery rates differ from person to person. After brain injury, symptoms are physical, cognitive, emotional, and behavioral.
  • Get involved. Learn about local/national brain injury services, what support, education, and/or advocacy is offered in your community, and how you can support those impacted by brain injury.
  • Become an ally. Being a part of a healthy community is a protective factor in any recovery. Becoming an ally to members of the brain-injured community is offered through education of self and others, advocacy on local and national levels, and support of community-based brain injury providers. As an ally, your efforts to raise awareness will help to build up brain injury services, reaching those underserved living with brain injury to improve the trajectory of their recovery.

This month, let’s educate, connect, and advocate!

Happy Brain Injury Awareness Month!

Brittany Stratton, LCSW, CBIS
Brain Injury Services Counseling Program


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