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Brain injury experts, clinicians and survivors explore the science of brain injuries and remarkable stories of perseverance. 

Hosted by Erin Mattingly, Speech-Language Pathologist and Board Chair of the nonprofit Brain Injury Services. The Brain Injury Awareness Project spotlights the latest in brain injury science. It showcases subject matter experts and lifts up the voices and perspectives of brain injury survivors.

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The BIAP is presented by Brain Injury Services, a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering brain injury survivors and directly serving individuals and families in Northern Virginia. If you enjoy listening to our podcast and would like to support our work serving brain injury survivors and raising awareness for brain injury, we welcome your donation.

Brain Injury Awareness Project Host

Erin is a speech-language pathologist (SLP), traumatic brain injury subject matter expert, and strategic consultant. She has 15+ years of experience treating patients across the continuum of brain injury severity, from mild to severe injury, in both civilian and military populations. She has been published multiple times and presents at the state and national level on the treatment and evaluation of survivors of brain injury.

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