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Fredericksburg Day Program

BIS’ Fredericksburg Community Services provides individual and group-based activities for survivors of brain injury in the Rappahannock region.

The Day Program is a community-based member program that provides services that support survivors’ individual goals in a group setting through participation in meaningful and productive activities.

There are four areas of focus in the Day Program. These are structured to empower members, help them regain independence, and develop resiliency. 

  1. Independent Living Skills
    Members participate in activities such as cooking workshops, computer classes, and safety presentations.
  2. Social and Peer Support
    Members work and learn together in discussion groups, playing cognitive games, and going on outings.
  3. Volunteering/Vocational Skills
    In partnership with local agencies, members can gain skills and practical experience in areas such as gardening, animal care, library resource management, and food distribution.
  4. Wellness
    Members participate in programs such as adaptive yoga, guided meditation, and adaptive exercise classes.

The Day Program also works with other BIS programs to offer workshops and regular social activities to members, including skills building workshops with ComPASS and monthly joint activities with members of the ADAPT Clubhouse. 

Through the Day Program, Fredericksburg Community Services also provides individual sessions for survivors with short term life skills goals who are unable to fully utilize group activities.

Meetings for individual sessions are scheduled by appointment. Sessions support building life skills such as:

  • Computer skills
  • Organization
  • Time management
  • Budgeting
  • Cooking
  • Travel training
  • Other related skills