Every single day survivors of brain injury and their families face countless struggles. At Brain Injury Services we strive to meet the needs of clients through our comprehensive case management services and unique programs. When we recognize that the community is lacking in its support for or acceptance of survivors, we turn to our Governor and our legislators to make a difference. We turn to advocacy.

What Does Advocacy Look Like?  It is a broad spectrum but here are some things we do at Brain Injury Services

  • Our annual bus trip to Richmond for Brain Injury Awareness Day
  • Having client stories ready to present to legislators or the media when needed
  • Preparing written testimonies to send to legislators and also being prepared for public speaking opportunities.
  • Offering community outreach and brain injury education.

Who Should Get Involved? Absolutely everyone! Survivors, families, caregivers, friends, professionals, and concerned community members. We need you to take a stand for survivors of brain injury in Virginia. If you have a story to tell, a desire to create change, an interest in public policy, or just want to lend a helping hand to a vulnerable population in our community – we are looking for you!

How Do I Get Connected? If you are interested in advocacy please fill out the form below and let us know how you would like to help!