Brain Injury Services presents: BIS Has Talent!

General Information

All clients of Brain Injury Services are invited to join and submit in our Virtual Art & Talent Exhibition on Thursday November 2nd from 1pm – 3pm.

Now is the time for you to begin thinking of what art you would like to share with our community, submissions are due October 7th – see below for details on how to submit and Frequently asked questions!


Friday, October 7th
Participant Submission Deadline

Wednesday, November 2nd – 1:00pm – 3:00pm
BIS Has Talent Virtual Art Exhibition & Open House Live Event!



The Fredericksburg Day Program, Adapt Clubhouse, and ComPASS Department will be hosting a virtual (on zoom) three-part lead in series that will cover all the “need to know” information for submitting your work.



  1. Wednesday 09/07 @1pm 2:30pm – Lead in Program Part 1: How to Photograph and Submit Your Art
  2. Monday 09/12 @1PM – 2:30pm – Lead in Program Part 2: Tips & Tricks for Submitting Your Creation
  3. Wednesday 9/21 @1pm – 2:30pm – Lead in Program Part 3: Food as Art: Culinary Arts Discussion

Joining the lead in activities is not required, but helpful! Not feeling creative? That’s okay, you can still join us for any of the events and cheer on your fellow BIS peers. For more information, clients can reach out to their BIS Case Manager or Email






  • ART – Open-ended and unstructured expression of creativity! Includes: painting, drawing, sketching, photography, digital art
  • CRAFT – Involves skills and experience to create something with utility that is decorative, functional, or both! Includes: sculptures, woodworking, weaving, knitting, crochet, quilting, embroidery, jewelry, seasonal decor, glass-work, pottery, etc
  • COMPOSITION – An arrangement of words, including: essays, short stories, lyrics, & poetry
  • CULINARY – Preparing, cooking and/or presentation of food items. May include photos of the process of or capture of the final product of a dinner, appetizer, snack or dessert item!



  1. CHOOSE A CATEGORY: Choose one of the submission categories listed above.
  2. CREATE YOUR SUBMISSION: Create your own, original, one of a kind, creation within the selected category and GET TO WORK! Don’t wait until the last minute, start creating NOW so you have plenty of time to work and express yourself!
  3. CAPTURE YOUR CREATION: Take a photo(s) of your creation (or complete a document, i.e., for a poetry submission) to submit to the show. You may take more than one photo, but keep in mind, BIS Staff may choose one or more of the photos submitted to display on the voting platform.
  4. SUBMIT YOUR CREATION TO THE EXHIBITION: Upload and attach the photo(s) of your creation to an email and send them to WITH YOUR FULL NAME IN THE BODY OF THE EMAIL (BIS staff needs each submission to be associated with the artist’s full name and email address even if the artist chooses to remain anonymous at the art exhibition and on the voting platform).  
  5. VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE SUBMISSION: Stay tuned for more information on HOW TO vote in the exhibition – check back here as the date gets closer to participate (an email will be sent to BIS clients/caregivers as well)!
  6. ATTEND THE ART EXHIBITION ON NOV. 2nd on ZOOM: All clients/caregivers will receive an email with the zoom link to attend the art show. If for some reason you do not receive an email with zoom link and would like to attend the art show on Nov 2nd, please email to request the zoom link. 



  • YOU MUST BE A CLIENT OF BRAIN INJURY SERVICES TO SUBMIT A CREATION TO THE COMPETITION – only current clients of brain injury services will be permitted to enter the art exhibition. All who submit will be required to provide their FULL NAME to staff in order to ensure only active clients can participate.
  • ONLY ONE CREATION IS ALLOWED – choose one category, make one creation and take a photo(s) of that creation (or make a document if it is a composition) to submit to the competition.
  • YOUR CREATION MUST BE ORIGINAL – only submissions created by YOU are allowed to be submitted.
  • EMAIL YOUR SUBMISSION entry by Friday, October 7th to **please include your FULL NAME in your submission email so staff can identify who is submitting to the exhibition**
  • CLIENTS WHO SUBMIT MUST COMPLETE A SUBMISSION FORM – to obtain the submission form, please email and a form will be sent to you with accompanying information about submission rules. FULL DISCLOSURE: the form does require a signature to ensure all contestants are aware that their work will be made public. 



One winner will be chosen for each of the four categories and 2 honorable mentions will be announced at the Art Show & Exhibition on Wednesday, Nov. 2nd on zoom at 1:00PM. Winners will be awarded with a $25 visa gift card and bragging rights!

Winners will be determined by popular vote on a public voting platform. Stay tuned for this platform to be announced in October and come back to this website ( to vote!



Q: Can I enter my creation into multiple categories?

A: No. Clients must choose one category listed above (art, craft, composition, culinary) to submit one creation to.

Q: When will the winners be announced?

A: There will be one winner from each category (art, craft, composition, culinary) announced at the virtual art exhibition on Nov. 2nd at 1:00pm via zoom (this will be a public event). 

Q: Will my creation be visible to the public?

A: Yes. All submissions will be viewed by the BIS community at the Exhibition and on the BIS website → Clients will have the opportunity to remain anonymous by not having their name associated with their creation (clients will indicate this preference on their submission paperwork). 

Q: What if I am not available to attend the exhibition on November 2nd but still want to enter?

A: That’s okay, you can still enter! BIS staff will be presenting the winners of all four categories as well as some honorable mentions at the live event on Nov 2nd. Clients will have a brief opportunity to share some background regarding their creation if interested, but not necessary. We are here to empower you and the development of your creation-this is a time to come together and share art as a part of our community! 

Q: Who is on the voting panel that will be judging creativity, technique, elements of art, and total presentation?

A: This year the voting panel includes BIS Staff, clients, caregivers and community members. Stay tuned! There will be more to come on the process of voting for this year’s submissions. 




Complete the Contact Form Below and a BIS Has Talent 2022 staff member will contact you within 48-72 hours with additional information!

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