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Veterans Program

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a major health issue that can affect service members and veterans during times of both peace and war. The Veterans Program (VP) offers specialized programs and services designed specifically for veterans and military personnel with brain injuries. VP services work alongside other veteran services that may already be in place.

VP Case Managers are trained in military culture. They understand the support veterans with brain injuries need in order to heal, set and achieve personal goals, and improve quality of life.

VP Case Management services include:

  • Resources, education, and advocacy
  • Assistance in finding or keeping paid or volunteer work
  • Opportunities to network and socialize with other survivors of brain injuries
  • Referral to counseling services
  • Assistive technology consultation, recommendations, orientation, and training

VP is available to veterans of all branches of service. It also serves individuals on active duty and in the Reserve and National Guard.