Volunteers Beautify ADAPT Clubhouse Garden

Brain Injury Services is grateful for Volunteer Alexandria and their annual Spring for Alexandria event that took place this past month. Spring for Alexandria is an event where employees from the City of Alexandria are organized into different groups that volunteer around the county. During the 10-day campaign, city employees and community members visited the ADAPT Clubhouse, a program of Brain Injury Services, to volunteer their time to beautifying the location’s garden.

“The biggest project the volunteers from the city completed was installing a new shed in our garden” said Kimberlee Baugh, Director of the ADAPT Clubhouse. “The shed our members were previously using was falling apart and it was time for a new one to be installed. It is important that the tools our members use stay secure and dry.”

The ADAPT Clubhouse garden is maintained by the Clubhouse members who use it as an environment where they can work on skills as well as relax. Along with building the shed, the volunteers from Spring for Alexandria painted the railings on the front entrance ramp of the property.

There are many ways to volunteer at Brain Injury Services! If you’re interested in learning more about volunteer opportunities then visit our website at www.braininjurysvcs.org.

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