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Local Nonprofit Receives Donation to Help Brain Injured Develop Computer Skills

June 26th, 2019


Aleena Gardezi

703-451-8881 ext. 238

Springfield, VA (June 26, 2019)— — Brain Injury Services, Inc., (BIS) has received $3000 in honor of BIS client, Bryant Cohen from his friend and supporter, Thomas Holly. Holly, who leads PwC’s US Asset & Wealth Management, donated the money to support an effort where clients are learning or developing a technical skill.

A few months before his wedding, Cohen fell down the stairs of his garage and sustained a traumatic brain injury – hospitalizing him for weeks, delaying his wedding, and leaving him unable to return to work.

Cohen connected with Brain Injury Services and his case manager referred him to Brain Injury Services’ ADAPT Clubhouse where he could work on his independent living skills. His primary goal was to return to work where he was the Senior Vice President and Tax Director at a $16 billion private investment group. Cohen knew he could make progress at the ADAPT Clubhouse and credits many of his gains after his brain injury to his involvement at the ADAPT Clubhouse.

 “Since I have been coming to ADAPT my mental stamina has gotten better and I feel more motivated,” Cohen added. “I love the people here. The social aspect has been great for me.”

“Thanks to the generous donation made in honor of Bryant Cohen, the ADAPT Clubhouse was able to purchase six new computers and a new high efficiency all-in-one printer to enhance the technology and accessibility of the Communications Unit,” Dyanna Citizen explained. “We’re excited to have updated technology to best assist members in reaching their educational and vocational goals.”


About ADAPT Clubhouse:

The ADAPT Clubhouse is a vocationally-oriented brain injury day program located in Alexandria, VA, which is a core program of Brain Injury Services.  ADAPT Clubhouse is a place for individuals with brain injuries to participate in a supportive work-ordered day. The primary focus of the program is to assist individuals with brain injuries to lead productive lives. This is achieved through skill building, volunteerism, vocational exploration, and Employment Development Services (EDS).

About Brain Injury Services:

Brain Injury Services helps children and adults with a brain injury build the skills and confidence they need to lead a fulfilling and productive life. For over 26 years, Brain Injury Services has been repairing lives, recovering possibility and restoring hope by offering the community innovative programs and services that meet the needs of survivors of brain injuries and their families. Each year, Brain Injury Services assists over 600 individuals and families who have experienced the devastating effects of brain injury, stroke, and concussion. We provide this assistance through core programs, including case management, specialized programs, and multiple support groups. Our services extend throughout Northern Virginia, Fredericksburg, Winchester, and the surrounding counties. Find out more at

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Easy Ways to Observe National Give Something Away Day

July 15 marks National Give Something Away Day. It’s a great reason to give back to one’s community and make a difference. Your donation doesn’t have to be monetary or physical; giving your time to a worthy cause makes just as much—if not more—of an impact. If you have something or some time to give, consider doing so today. Here’s a list of easy ways you can give something away today. 

Pay for someone’s coffee.
Mondays are hard. Consider brightening someone else’s by buying their coffee in the drive-thru. The person behind you will definitely appreciate it, and maybe they’ll be inspired to start a chain reaction. Your small act of kindness will have made the days of potentially dozens of people, and that has to feel good.

Make a donation to a food bank.
Have cans of food in the pantry you know you’ll never eat? Deliver them to your town’s food bank, and feed someone in need. Not only will you be helping those less fortunate, but you also won’t feel guilty letting food go to waste.

Volunteer at a soup kitchen.
If you don’t have extra food or money to give, think about spending an evening serving dinner at a soup kitchen. You’ll be able to speak directly with those you’re helping and hear their stories. Volunteering is also a great way to gain some perspective and appreciate all that you have.

Donate clothes or shoes to your local homeless shelter.
If you’re like most people, you have items in your closet that never get worn. Giving them to a homeless shelter or a halfway house ensures those in need have access to clean clothes and shoes. Just make sure they’re in decent condition and have been washed before donating them. Clearing out more space in your closet is also an added bonus. 

Give unused toiletries to those in need.
Many people often forget how essential items like toothpaste, shampoo and deodorant are until they no longer have access to them. Do you have extra soap, toothbrushes or feminine hygiene products in your bathroom? Think about taking them to a local shelter or donation site. Someone out there will be affected by your act of kindness, and you can feel good knowing you helped a person or two in need.

Volunteer at your local library.
Libraries are valuable resources to communities, and volunteering helps them better serve their patrons. Spending an afternoon sorting materials, reading at children’s story times or providing computer and printing support adds to the value of libraries and prolongs their existence in an increasingly digital world.

Donate lightly used school supplies.
Now that school is out for summer, do you or your children have leftover school supplies? Slightly worn binders, notebooks, crayons, etc. are of great use to students in low-income areas and overseas. If you were planning on buying new supplies in August, consider giving away your old ones to a student who needs them.

National Give Something Away Day is a great opportunity to reevaluate your blessings and help those in need. You can make a difference in your community or even across the ocean. Think about ways you can give back today.