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BIS Has Talent!

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BIS Has Talent!

December 9 @ 1:00 pm 3:00 pm

Join in with members of ADAPT and Fredericksburg as we create and share our artistic talents with each other and grow as a community!


  1. Art: Open-ended and unstructured expression of creativity! Includes: painting, drawing, sketching, photography, digital art
  2. Craft: Involves skills and experience to create something with utility that is decorative, functional, or both! Includes: sculptures, woodworking, weaving, knitting, crochet, quilting, embroidery, jewelry, seasonal decor, glass-work, pottery,
  3. Composition: An arrangement of words! Includes: essays, short stories, music, poetry
  4. Culinary: Preparing, cooking and/or presentation of food items. May include a video or photos of the process or capture of final product of a dinner, appetizer, snack or dessert item!
  5. Bonus: Popular Vote! All contestants will have the option to submit their creation to one of the 4 categories above AND to the popular vote category where all clients of BIS will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite! 

Steps to Enter:

  1. CHOOSE ONE of the submission categories: art, craft, composition, OR culinary).
  2. CREATE YOUR SUBMISSION! Create or locate an already made unique work of art, CREATED BY YOU to submit to the show (via email) 
  3. TAKE A PICTURE(S) OR A VIDEO(S) of your creation. Multiple angles are encouraged to help capture the art fully (assistance can be provided if needed)
  4. EMAIL YOUR PICTURE(S) and/or VIDEOS by Wednesday, December 1 to  Stephanie Lloyd – slloyd@braininjurysvcs.org (ADAPT MEMBERS) OR  LeeAnna Moss – lmoss@braininjurysvcs.org (FREDERICKSBURG MEMBERS). If you need help taking a picture/video of your art, or emailing your submission, please contact Stephanie or LeeAnna for assistance! 
  5. ATTEND THE ART EXHIBITION LIVE ON ZOOM on Thursday, December 9 from 1pm – 3pm to tune in to see the art displayed and winners will be announced! *** Please be advised, this Exhibition will be a public group, open to community members + BIS Staff**


  1. ONLY ONE CREATION IS ALLOWED. Choose one category with the option for members to submit to “Popular Vote” (via email) 
  2. The CREATION MUST BE ORIGINAL. Only submissions created by YOU are allowed to be submitted 
  3. EMAIL YOUR VIDEO(s) and/or PICTURES by Wednesday 12/1/2021 at midnight (12:00am)to Stephanie Lloyd (ADAPT members) or LeeAnna Moss (Fredericksburg Day Prog members). **Indicate in your submission email if you want to submit to the popular vote** 


  1. CREATIVITY: uniqueness & originality, imaginative use of materials, ideas (ingredients for culinary) 
  2. TECHNIQUE: good use of chosen materials, medium, and tools
  3. ELEMENTS OF ART: line, shape, texture, form, space, color, and value
  4. TOTAL PRESENTATION: appropriately finished, design, and fit within the chosen category


Winners of all 5 categories will be announced at the LIVE ZOOM ART EXHIBITION on THURSDAY, DECEMBER 9 and will receive a $25 gift card! All who participate will receive a “Certificate of Completion” from program staff!

**Art Exhibition Zoom link will be sent out to all members via email on Monday, December 6** 

If you have any questions about the art show including submission criteria, categories, and/or judging, please contact Stephanie Lloyd at slloyd@braininjurysvcs.org OR LeeAnna Moss at lmoss@braininjurysvcs.org.