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Philosophy & Core Values

Our Philosophy

No two people are alike. And, since the brain defines each of us, controls how we think, move, act and feel, no two brain injuries are alike. To assume that every Brain Injury Services’ client fits a pre-determined pattern of needs, wants and goals is to undermine the success of intervention before it begins, and risk a tremendous waste of resources with little to show for the effort. That’s why Brain Injury Services designs a plan based on the needs and goals of the individual. Our person-centered service plan helps the individual and his/her family make informed choices, establish goals and design those steps that will optimize the productive capacity of the individual.

The process of giving control back to the individual and his/her family and allowing them to determine their needs and priorities increases self-sufficiency and self-esteem, improving the chances of independence and success.


Dream big and celebrate small steps

Focus on individual strengths and what can be done

Pursue improvement through knowledge, growth, and innovation

View creativity, humor, and fun as building blocks for excellence

Enlist the full bench of support and keep adding to it

Spread our passion, ignite theirs

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