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Veterans Integration Program (VIP)

Serving Our Veterans

Brain injuries can occur anytime, anyplace, and to anyone. In the military, they can happen on the battlefield, onboard a ship or in training. It can happen in all branches of service, on active duty and in the Reserve and National Guard. Brain Injury Services (BIS), has more than 25 years’ experience providing community-based services to survivors of TBI, and has programs which can help veterans. Through the Veterans Integration Program (VIP), veterans and military personnel living in Northern Virginia and Fredericksburg area can access our specialized programs and services. Our services, designed specifically for survivors of brain injuries, are intended to work alongside and compliment other veteran services that may already be in place. 


  • Resources, education or advocacy
  • Assist in finding or keeping paid or volunteer work
  • Networking and socializing with other survivors of brain injuries
  • Referral to counseling services
  • Assistive technology consultation, recommendations, orientation and training


Please call Elizabeth Washington at 703.451.8881 x233 or email

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