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Counseling Services


The counseling services at BIS are designed to provide supportive counseling to survivors and their family members to help cope with related emotional concerns such as depression, anxiety or grief. Our therapist is familiar with brain injury and how it can impact the life of the survivor as well as family members.

Family and friends can be excellent sources of support and may be there for you when you need help.  However, someone trained to provide clinical therapy or counseling can provide you with additional, unbiased support that can enhance the help you receive from family or friends. 

A counselor can encourage survivors and their family members to develop new skills and coping mechanisms that may help you function better and enable you to handle problems on your own or to encourage closer connection with others.


Must be a current client at BIS receiving Case Management services or the family member of a client receiving services at BIS.


Please ask your Brain Injury Services Case Manager regarding fees.


A Brain Injury Services Case Manager can make a referral to the program for a client or family member.

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