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ADAPT Programs and Activities

What do we do at ADAPT?

The clubhouse is a day program for individuals who are moving beyond the first stages of recovery. ADAPT offers a safe, controlled environment in which persons with a brain injury can develop and practice important skills with a renewed sense of confidence.

The clubhouse is run by the members who attend the program. Given the nature of their injuries and cognitive issues, staff will focus their support in logistical and planning areas. Otherwise, the clubhouse is theirs to run. Clubhouse members may use the program as a transition back to life “in the mainstream” or they may remain members for life, it’s their choice. This model works because it does not include a medical aspect. The program focuses on the members and their strengths, not their deficits. The clubhouse encourages an atmosphere of new possibilities and provides an environment where members work together supporting and encouraging each other. Members have the opportunity to gain vocational skills, increase their level of independence and build social skills.


1.) Kitchen Unit

The Kitchen Unit is responsible for preparing balanced meals every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Members learn a variety of food service skills such as food safety, planning, shopping and meal prep. The Kitchen Unit also works together as a group to keep the Clubhouse clean. Members work side by side to complete daily housekeeping tasks such as laundry, recycling and vacuuming.

2.) Communications Unit

The Communications Unit offers members training in office technology skills. Tasks include producing a quarterly newsletter, reception duties, typing and copying forms as needed, and admission packets. The business end of the unit offers members the opportunity to plan and implement fundraisers, enforce health and safety practices around the clubhouse and interview new members.

3.) Gardening Unit

The Garden Unit operates seasonally and is responsible for planting, watering, and harvesting vegetables from the clubhouse garden. The unit also takes on some larger manufacturing and building projects such as wheelchair accessible box gardens and bird houses.

Specialized Programs

  • The ADAPT Clubhouse has reintroduced the Vocational Transitions Program (VTP) back into their weekly routine. This 20 session curriculum provides a structured series for participants interested in improving their productivity or returning to work. Each session provides basic information about a range of common symptoms and stressors as well as ways to adaptively compensate for a variety of post-injury challenges. Session topics range from; Are You Ready To Work?, Keys To Effective Communication, Resumes, Interviews, Taking Good Care of Yourself and Identifying Stressors. Informative worksheet and interactive activities are completed during each session. Every ADAPT member is eligible for participation in the program.

  • Here at ADAPT, we give members an opportunity to get involved with the local community through our Volunteer Program. Currently, our members have participated at the Carpenter Homeless Shelter, Lorton Community Action Center (LCAC), and George Washington's Mount Vernon Botanical Garden. Through volunteering our members have learned the importance of team work and efficiency when out in the field.

  • ADAPT Clubhouse has created alternative outlets for members through art and wellness. Our staff uses arts and crafts as a creative outlet for members so they may fully express themselves in a relaxed setting. Another method used at the clubhouse is alternative exercises and meditation which allows members to physically enjoy themselves through movement, these exercises also accommodates for members who use wheelchairs or other assisted equipment.

Monthly Socials

The clubhouse participates in a social activity one time per month.  All members vote on, and have an opportunity to research and plan the proposed activities. The activities vary in cost, length, and day. The social events take part during clubhouse hours.  All members must sign up in advance in order to participate. Members are also responsible for the expense of the event unless otherwise notified.

Specialized Services offered at the Clubhouse are the following:

  • Vocational Transition Program
  • Exploration of vocational interests
  • Work designed to help members regain self-worth and purpose
  • Supportive network of peers
  • Individualized service planning
  • A focus on modern technology skills
  • Development of general work skills
  • Community outreach opportunities
  • Food preparation and safety skills
  • Tasks focused on individual living skills
  • Employee Development Services (EDS)
  • Community Support Services (CSS)

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