Empower those impacted by brain injury.


A community where every person touched by brain injury pursues their vision of a fulfilling life.


No two people are alike and no two brain injuries are alike.

The severity of a brain injury and the type of brain injury can make a difference in a person’s recovery.

Our role is to help determine the needs and priorities of children and adults, designing a plan that increases self-sufficiency and self-confidence. Our person-centered approach helps children, adults and their families make informed choices to achieve their goals.

The process of giving control back to the individual and their family allows them to determine their needs and priorities. It increases self-sufficiency, self-esteem, and it improves their chances of rebuilding their new life.

We support our clients on many levels by helping them to: discover new skills, prepare for social situations, provide a place to conquer fears, and overcome physical challenges while making new friends through the process.


Dream big and celebrate small steps
Focus on individual strengths and what can be done
Pursue improvement through knowledge, growth, and innovation
View creativity, humor, and fun as building blocks for excellence
Enlist the full bench of support and keep adding to it
Spread our passion, ignite theirs