Supported Living Program

Support for Independence

The loss of independence, the need to depend upon the kindness of others in living day-to-day, leaves a person with a brain injury with a loss of dignity. It’s no surprise that the ultimate goal of most individuals with brain injuries is to live on their own. Brain Injury Services has formed a partnership with Community Systems, Inc. (CSI) and created the Supported Living Program for our clients.

This program helps clients adjust gradually to living on their own, learning the skills they need to maintain the independence that is so vital to their self-esteem and self-worth enabling them to be productive members of their community. This is done in partnership with CSI, providing “Apartment Coaches” who support the clients. Clients receive a limited number of hours of support throughout the week depending upon their skills, degree of independence and complexity of personal issues and lifestyle.


  • Must have a documented diagnosis of acquired brain injury.
  • Be an adult, 18 years or older.
  • Not exhibit a substance (alcohol or drug) abuse problem.
  • Exhibit reasonable functioning in house maintenance, cooking and personal care.
  • Require minimal assistance with medication administration.
  • Participate in a vocational or other day activity.
  • Be capable of self-evacuation.
  • Need life skills support in 2 or more areas to remain on their own.
  • Can live safely with a maximum of approximately ten hours of support a week.


Services are provided on a sliding scale fee and are based on adjusted gross household income.


Clients of Brain Injury Services who are interested in the Supported Living Program must contact their Case Manager.

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